Sosh Urban Motion 2017

When i created the concept in 2011 with Yann Colignon i couldn’t have thought it would go that far. Thanks a lot to everyone who have made it a success.  The riders, the filmers, (pro or not), during all these years that trusted us for the Pro contest & the Wild Card Contest. Yann Colignon who has been an amazing partner. The judges, it was not an easy task ! All the people that helped us, Heidi, the locals that were really cool to share their spots. 187 com for spreading the word to the mainstream audience. A big big up to Sosh and Sandy Alibo for everything they made for BMX. From sponsoring Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron, making Vlogs with them when it was not even called Vlogs, producing Antipodes and Until Tomorrow to organizing with Yann and myself the Sosh Urban Motion, they can be proud of them. Sosh’s strategy is heading towards other things so this contest might… or might not be over.
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Sosh Urban Motion 2

I’m very happy to be with Yann Colignon the creator of the « Sosh urban Motion », the first BMX video contest filmed entirely with a smartphone. Last year was already a succes but this year it was a total different scale!
We started by an amateur contest to find the wild card who could enter the pro contest. more than 35 videos were submitted. The winning team was invited to compet against the french top 3 of last year & the cream of the british riding & filming.
Everybody gathered in a giant flat in Paris & did their best to make a perfect video. I couldn’t be happier with the result : the videos were insane & more important everyone their had a blast. thanks to everyone involved & to Sosh for doing things right.
Some pics after the jump.
Je suis vraiment heureux d’etre avec Yann Colignon le créateur du Sosh urban Motion, le premier video contest de BMX entierement filmé au smartphone.
Nous avons d’abord réalisé un contest amateur afin de trouver la wild card qui a eu le droit de participer au contest pro. Le contest online a duré deux mois & plus de 35 videos ont été soumises.
le team AM gagnant a donc été invité en meme temps que les 6 equipes pro : le top 3 français de l’année derniere & 3 equipes britanniques & irlandaises représentant la fine fleur d’outre-manche.
Tout ce beau monde s’est réuni pendant une semaine à Paris afin de réaliser la meilleure video possible, armés seulement d’un smartphone. Je ne peux pas etre plus heureux du résultat : les videos sont dingues & tout le monde a passé une semaine incroyable. Merci a tous & surtout à Sosh pour faire les choses parfaitement.
Des IGs dans la suite!
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Ride Sessions – Orange Maxime Charveron Episode 5

Ride Sessions – Orange Maxime Charveron Episode 5 par Orangefr

Apres ses conseils d’élégance d’anthologie, Maxime Charveron is back avec cette vidéo Orange Ride Session là aussi sur un tatouage pas totalement comme les autres….
Une vidéo filmée par moi meme & montée par Luka Serre

After his crazy fashion lessons, Max Charveron is back with a tatoo session for Orange, far from being usual…
Filmed by my self & edited by Luka Serre.