The Bungee jump contact less payment Challenge

To celebrate the billionth contact less payment in France, i was asked to direct a clip of a bungee jump not like the others…
Agency : Extreme
Simon Mechali, Paul Viollet, Rodolphe Pinta
Production : Puzzle Media

Jonathan POLITUR, Cendrine LEBLANC
Director : Hadrien Picard
Cinematographers : Wladimir Kinnoo, Boris Proust, Théo Sauvage
Sound Engineer  : Elias El Wafir
Sound Design : Keith White
Drone : Vincent de la Rue
Performer : Loïc Tamburello
Spot : Le 107

Red Bull Night Chase with Loic Bruni

6 months ago, i had a pretty crazy idea : to film a night ride lit by a drone with a huge LED on it.
With Red Bull & after a long preparation, i’m happy to have made « Night Chase » a reality.
You can also find the Behind the scenes that shows how we did to fit a 800W LED on a drone & how the 3 nights of shooting went.

France in the Air
My french 2015 Summer from the Air!