The Bungee jump contact less payment Challenge

To celebrate the billionth contact less payment in France, i was asked to direct a clip of a bungee jump not like the others…
Agency : Extreme
Simon Mechali, Paul Viollet, Rodolphe Pinta
Production : Puzzle Media

Jonathan POLITUR, Cendrine LEBLANC
Director : Hadrien Picard
Cinematographers : Wladimir Kinnoo, Boris Proust, Théo Sauvage
Sound Engineer  : Elias El Wafir
Sound Design : Keith White
Drone : Vincent de la Rue
Performer : Loïc Tamburello
Spot : Le 107

Sosh Urban Motion 2017

When i created the concept in 2011 with Yann Colignon i couldn’t have thought it would go that far. Thanks a lot to everyone who have made it a success.  The riders, the filmers, (pro or not), during all these years that trusted us for the Pro contest & the Wild Card Contest. Yann Colignon who has been an amazing partner. The judges, it was not an easy task ! All the people that helped us, Heidi, the locals that were really cool to share their spots. 187 com for spreading the word to the mainstream audience. A big big up to Sosh and Sandy Alibo for everything they made for BMX. From sponsoring Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron, making Vlogs with them when it was not even called Vlogs, producing Antipodes and Until Tomorrow to organizing with Yann and myself the Sosh Urban Motion, they can be proud of them. Sosh’s strategy is heading towards other things so this contest might… or might not be over.
You can check all the photos on DIG.

Etnies "Chapters" Cover

Stocked to score the cover of the Etnies X DIG BMX ‘Chapters’ Deluxe Collectors Edition Book with tons of awesome photos from Rob Dolecki, Andrew White, Vince Perraud, Kevin Conners & more !
I shot this one of Nathan Williams a year ago in Lisboa. In a classic Nathan’s style, after a few big crashes, he pulled this crook to gap in front of the security guy… that must be a good motivation !
The natural light was so nice at that time… no need for flashes.