Vans Weatherized

For the #vansweatherized campaign, i was asked to do a portrait ( photo & video ) of 3 great guys & artists from Paris in their element.

Whatever the weather is, Fabrice Levannier AKA Fuego, funder of Drop-it, will be on his bike.  I followed him on one of the most rainy day in Paris !

Calling himself « Professionnal Photographer & Amateur Motorcycle Racer » Dimitri Coste went shooting the band « Wall of Death » in a location that fits his style perfectly.

Veenom is part of the Bleu Noir crew. We went in a pretty specific abandoned building to shoot his portrait…

There is also an wall/exhib in « Citadium », the most known streetwear & lifestyle shop in Paris, with all their universe plus photos i shot & the clips i made.
You can check some of them in the article.