Maxime Charveron PBS behind the scenes

You may have noticed some scenes in the intro where some people are in slow motion while Maxime is riding in real time.
Most are done easily in after effect. It’s so easy even myself is able to do that.
But there is one specific clip, that i guess nobody noticed that took me quite a while….

It’s the scene where maxime is riding & there is some water that goes backward at 0.40.
There is absolutly no after effect work on this scene.
I came across a video where some water falling was completly still & tried to do the same, wich is 1.complicated 2.even more complicated when you’re not at home.
The concept is similar that what you see a clip of a car with the wheels going backward.
I had a set up where there was some water going through a tube that was taped on a speaker where my smartphone was connected & played a 24 hz sine wave, while i was filming at 25fps
Basically if my camera frame rate was synced up with the rate of the vibrations of the water, the water would have appeared to be frozen or still. At 24 hz my frame rate was off just a little compared to the sine wave causing the water to « move backward ».
I not really happy about my clip, i know i could have done better… but it was freezing cold, we were strugging for quite some time so the second we had a decent clip we were out of the spot in a warm place !
I know : it could have been done ten times faster on AE but it doesn’t have the same test when you make it yourself on the stage!