More photogs than sheeps?

I was a couple of days ago at Lyon’s skatepark to shoot some stuff with Yannick Granieri. While i was filming with my 60d & my Samyang fisheye, i just saw a 12 years old kid filming his mate riding a scooter with alost the same cam (a 550d) & the same fish! Then another 13-14 years old kid came to tell me he just bought a 550d to and the he explained me how he liked Final Cut Pro compared to Sony Vegas! What the hell! when i was 13 i didn’t even have a camera!
Anyway this little story emphasizes the fact that camera are getting better & better for cheaper & cheaper, wich means more people can make decent pictures.
Even if it’s true that for pro photogs the competition with average consumer who just bought a 550d or a 5d could be sometimes frustating, i’m always happy to see people shooting stuff & i try to take it as a good motivation to try to be better & better everytime! Everyone can have a pencil whereas not everybody can be a painter, i guess it’s the same for photo!