the end of "l'instant décisif"

Take a look at this
this is not a photo, it’s actually a frame grab, taken by Vincent Laforet with a Red Epic, shooting 96 FPS in 5K resolution.
This means it films 96 12MP photos in a second.
Just look at the quality of the picture & think just a second about that.
In a way this is the end of the famous « decisive moment » of Cartier Bresson … and in another way this is the end of a big part of photography. In a few years, photographer won’t have to shoot at the perfect moment, they will just film and take the best moment out of it. i know some are already doing that with some DSLR than can shoot at 10 fps, but this is way further than that.
On my side, i’m shooting 3/4 of the photos with flashes so right now there is no solution to create a light like the one the flashes are making. At least right now 🙂